Rescue Me Kit

Scent Article/DNA Kits-Copyrighted method of scent preservation kits and DNA to assist Law Enforcement and Emergency Responders for the missing.

The Southwest Florida K-9 Search Unit is a non-profit team made up of highly trained volunteer support personnel, K-9 handlers, trainers and their canines. Our purpose is to assist law enforcement agencies, fire departments and emergency management services in a time of disaster or community need.

Professional Credentials

Professional credentials are earned and are awarded by a recognized professional organization to verify one’s professional qualifications and competence. They attest to a formal process and successful completion of set forth criteria by professional organizations.

Youth Division

Volunteer group that ranges anywhere from elementary to high schoolers and college bound students to teach about K9 Search and Rescue. The Youth Division is also great for learning life skills such as teamwork, honesty, and friendship.

Our Team

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24-Hour Emergency Dispatch Number:

Non-Emergency Number:
(239) 349-0097

Mailing Address:
SW Florida K9 Search
P.O. Box 61206
Fort Myers, FL 33906