A volunteer K-9 search team consists of a handler, the K-9 and support personnel. To get the same probability of detection using people alone would take 20 to 30 trained human searchers to be as effective as a single K-9 team

Our K-9 search teammates have devoted their lives to the training and dedication of helping others with no monetary gain. Our only goal is to bring families back together again and give them the peace of finding their missing loved one. This team is one that works from the heart.

The missing person incident is a race against time. A K-9 search team is most effective when called early in the search, but can be an asset days or weeks later. Don’t hesitate to call early. Our Search Unit would rather arrive at a scene and find the individual safe as a result of miscommunication than to arrive too late to help the victim.

We deploy only non-aggressive dogs to search for a missing person.