Southwest Florida K-9 Search Unit has studied the usage of these articles, taught the procedure throughout the United States and uses scientific facts, data and backing to try and produce the most effective, preserved method of holding a specific human scent and DNA tightly preserved in the need of usage during a case for the missing.  We’ve not only made the kits user friendly for the common household but also kept it compatible to the needs of our canine handlers to be preserved, duplicable in the field if necessary, portable and accessible. The production of over 2,000 kits were conducted in conjunction with collaboration of other law enforcement laboratories from Illinois to Florida and assembled here in Fort Myers, Florida in a community outreach program.

Hands on working K9 Search and Rescue cases will be discussed, the breakdown of the canine olfactory system and abilities and also the usage of the Scent Article/DNA kits that will be made available to the attendees for those that are “at risk” within the Community.  In discussion will be the community efforts of Law Enforcement, Scientist, K9 Nationally certified trainers and evaluators and partners in developing this kit for the invisible evidence.  The need to educate all involved in this tool for bringing home a missing loved one before it is too late. 

They are comprised of the following:

  • Color molded and tested crush proof containers for freezer durability
  • Latex gloves to keep from contaminating scent article and swabs
  • Decal placement on scent article containment for name, date, time
  • Decals designed for placement on exterior of containers for lack of confusion to family members and easy to find for K9 handlers in a time of crisis
  • Mylar scent article zip closed and sealed scent article bags for containment of molecules and scent and for easy portability for the K9 handler and durability
  • Specific DNA Swabs matching the FDLE lab under consultation of design
  • Ziploc Containment for the DNA swabs secondary placement
  • Sterile Gauze for scent extraction on individual
  • Instructional card for easy step by step usage and directions for families